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Red Lipstick Movement came about from something Dana started doing before every big meeting or when feeling defeated.  By putting on red lipstick, it energized me like having a shield to fight the fight of being a woman in a male dominated industry.  It was very rare that I would have another female on any of the projects I was working on and had never had someone I could go to when I was needing empowerment.  After countless attempts of trying to bring myself out of the “funk”, I realized the only thing that worked for me was putting on red lipstick. 

Our Story

Where It All Began


It is my goal to share with every strong female the power I received from putting on my shield, red lipstick.  Women too often jump to put down others and it should not be like this in the world.  Women should be elevating other women, empowering each other and acknowledge every strong woman.  By doing this, we will have a faster and better chance for change and for equality. 

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story – I will.” 
~ Amy Schumer

My Approach

Hi, I’m Dana! A female motivational speaker who is a business women and has walked the talk. My speaking diversity, including range of business and corporate roles, allows me to speak on a variety of topics. I am a best selling author and advocate for bridging the gap between men and women in the workplace.

My Story

I grew up in Aloha OR, just 15 Miles out side of Portland. Growing up in a small town and being surrounded by forests and nature made for a fun childhood. I have always had a mind for business and asked for a subscription to Money magazine at age 12.  

Managing people came easily to me. At 17 I was the department manager at a store and had employees double my age working under me. This has continued throughout my career. About 15 years ago, I started speaking at Rebuilding America meetings. At this time I was managing a sales team of 20. I developed creative incentives and unique ways to empower my team. I started writing and published articles on employee retention through empowerment. I haven’t stopped writing or speaking since; as this is a true passion of mine. 
After the recession of 2008, I had the opportunity to work for a very large international general contractor where I started learning construction. I had some previous knowledge and education to help as well. While wrapping my arms around the trades, I discovered that I was a minority. Meaning females make up for only 9% of Construction. That when my years of empowering others kicked in. I enjoy empowering women and everyone. As an executive at a General Contractor now, I use my voice to bring awareness to the issue and to empower women to stick with the trade even through the hard and frustrating times. This can be relayed into many different situations when I speak on them. 
I am passionate about speaking, writing and empowering others. 
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